Baladin Birra Rock 'n 'Roll in lattina 4,5% 0,33 ltr.

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Baladin Birra Rock 'n 'Roll in lattina 4,5% 0,33 ltr.
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Bier van 100% Italiaanse ingrediënten. Ongefilterd.

A beer with a white head and a persistent finish, Rock’n’Roll has a deep color and a slight, homogeneous hazy appearance. The first peppery scents leave room to light spices and notes of cereals, with a balanced harmony between freshness and warmth.

Like in a modern musical, when sipped, the cereals sing their sweet notes while the ensemble of pepper, spices and hops supports them with a powerful counterpoint.

Aantal per volledige doos: 48 Op speciale bestelling (+/- 5 à 10 werkdagen)


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