(Az. Agr. Candialle - Panzano in Chianti)

In onore di Maurizio “Momo” Ghiori (22/11/1954 – 09/12/2013)

I met Maurizio for the first time in October 1999 at Castello di Brolio, where he was a senior
director. Me 22 years old, Maurizio 45… An intense friendship started. Maurizio took my hand
and guided me into the world of Italian wines, of Italian gastronomy, of Italian passion.

Maurizio’s "wine career" brought him to Sicily, Friuli & Umbria; but above all he was a real
Tuscan, his feet were planted in Chianti Classico, he was like a real Mr. Sangiovese.
Maurizio “connected” me to so many interesting people; owners, winemakers, sommeliers…
Some of them are still good relations today; some just professional, some became friends.
Maurizio, Momo, introduced me more than 10 years ago to Marco G. Zanetti. Unfortunately, it
was only after Maurizio’s death that Marco and I got closer, first business, afterwards friends.

I’m so proud to present you “our” first wine, a wine, of course pure Sangiovese, made with
passion & friendship by Marco & me, in a great place, in a fantastic cellar. We are grateful that
we met Jarrko & Josephin of Candialle in Panzano in Chianti. They gave us the opportunity to
create our idea, in the middle of Chianti Classico, in the heart of Conca d’Oro; one of the most
mythical places to grow Sangiovese!

#permomo; #piccolomo; #insangiovesewetrust; #1977

Tom Groffils